Welcome to OUTABOX

Growing brands confidence among consumers in rural, semi-urban markets

Welcome to OUTABOX

Win more customers by
nurturing touchpoints into trustpoints

Welcome to OUTABOX

We Bring Light to
the media dark spots

Welcome to OUTABOX

Growing brands confidence among consumers in rural, semi-urban markets


We Think, Plan, Execute and Perform

Outabox is one of India’s leading Advertising Hub and one of India’s most recognized and respected Advertising Company. Outabox has gone on to grow successful business in various sectors ranging from Digital wall media, Wall Painting, Dealer Branding, Hoardings, Print Media and Social Media Marketing.

Outabox believes in making a difference. We stand for value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge. We strive to achieve this by empowering ourselves to continually deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

Our Media is Eco friendly & it can be easily mounted on multi surfaces like Walls, Shutters, Wood counters, Glass counters & Containers.

We Provide Digital Wall Media solutions for In & Outdoor Advertising

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We Offer Advertising Solutions


Digital Wall Media

Right out there !
Digital wall media is smooth, white water based, PVC free coated film. It is very flexible & can be easily applied on the even, uneven, rough surfaces. Our media can survive all weather's also it can't be removed like flex or vinyl once adopted a surface it also can't torn or fiddled. Our media is eco friendly & can be mounted on multi surfaces like walls, shutters, wood counters, containers etc. It is also know as metrics, wall grafitti, dwp.
With the help of this media wall are made into hoardings as hoarding like artworks with brand ambassadors, proper logos, clear brand message are been put out across pan india.
We are manufacturers of Digital wall media & poses certification for the same. With Dwp we offer you photographic quality advertising on walls just like hoardings with brand ambassadors, proper logos, clear brand message are been put out strategically across pan india.

Wall Painting

Lets paint this town red !

Wall Painting is one of the most economical sources of media when planned and executed properly. We help clients plan and execute through this medium with utmost professionalism and ease cause this is what we do ! Wall painting amongst the first mediums used which gave birth to Outabox. We have specialized teams to take care and customize the brand needs.

Knock-Knock !

Dealer Branding

Dealer boards are type of advertisements which are generally go the top of the shops of the dealers who deal in the said brand. These creates product availability recognition and endorsement . These boards can be put-up at a number of locations within a calculated distance giving more mileage to the brands and indicating their availability. Dealers who associate with said brand and make them available in remote areas often help to tap new audience leading to growth, development and pick up in brand sales almost immediately after the brand is advertised.

I see you !

Mini Hoarding

It is a smaller version of hoarding targetted to rural & semi urban markets where we target high visibility pockets like Bus Stands, Market Area, Shop Walls, Highways, etc. Digital Mini Hoarding is mounted 5 feet above the ground surface which gives your brand long term visibility. It gives you an asset wall size of 5*10 with the guaranteed duration of 3 months. It provides best visibility not only due to its size but also because it allows creative "customizing". These have high amount of visibility among pedestrians, passenger and commercial vehicles, etc. These are attractive and appealing Mini Hoardings available for every size that augment the brand & business values.



Van activity advertising is one of the medium of advertising which has the capability of putting advertisement at different places on best times. Van activity advertising is done by fixing illuminated hoardings, banner or billboard on a van or truck which moves around the city and can be parked at targeted places. Van activity advertising the products or services and moves across the places as per the targeted location. Van activity advertising is also called Canter advertising or Roadshow advertising.

What will you

receive ?

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The Quality Of Print Media And the Services offered is always Of The Best Standard And Can Be Matched With The Top Notch Available Out In The Market. Also We Tend To Keep It That Way For As Long As We Can !
-The Best For The Best , Always !

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Team At Outabox Takes Full Accountibility To Deliver The Final Product And Provide The Best Service In An End To End Kinf Of Approach
-We Dont Like Being Left Half Way, Do We ?

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The Pricing Structure Is Delibrated On And Customized As Per Client Needs And The Best And Most Competitive Rates Are Being Offered.
-Who Wouldn’t Like Minimizing The Cost Without Compromise On Quality?

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We Help The Brand Spread Through The Masses And The Classes Anywhere And Everywhere. How Lovely Would It Be If You Could Reach Where Others Cant ?

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We help create a “ Top of the mind” Position for the brand such that intital impulse purchases happen and then the brand does its magic! How surrel would it be to be the chosen one amongst the sea of many ?

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We help locate potential markets, audience and even help in discarding the ideas we feel would not work out based on our team of experts. When was the last time you hit the target right in the bulls eye ?

Services to boost your advertising game

Advertisements are the most crucial elements of any business. With effective advertisements, people will gain information about the company’s services and products. But taking up this task for some companies can be a hassle as it requires a lot of time and effort. For example, if your company wants to showcase its product as a graffiti wall design, then it will take specialized artists, paints, tools, etc.

Outabox to help you with your advertising need

We at Outabox can make your advertisement goals a reality. We execute artistic and photorealistic graffiti wall painting that will make any person look twice. Our team of experts uses the most modern tools and gadgets to get the job done.

Any sized wall, any sized graffiti, any design style we can handle it without stress. We capture even the minutest detail so that nothing is missed and the complete messages received from the graffiti wall in Mumbai.

So the next time when your thinking “that wall graffiti near me look amazing”. Then don’t think too hard because you can have a similar graffiti designed for your specific company by us.

You must have seen painting on books, canvases or other places but painting in walls is a rare sight. Painting on walls was an old-style where movie posters where displayed on walls. Now, Outabox is bringing this unique style back into the market with advertisements instead of movies.

Digital wall painting/Digital wall media is the equivalent of old days painting in the modern era. Specialized technology is used by our team of experts and finally using a water spray the transfer of the design will be completed.

Wall digital painting can be done on any form of material, so the type of platform on which the painting is to be done can range from wood to glass.

Outabox is a company that believes in prompt and quick delivery to our clients and hence we use the most agile methods to make this happen. So, if you want to expand the horizon for your business and are looking for a way to do this. Then look no forward because Outabox is the best digital wall painting Mumbai can offer.

The art of digital wall painting is gradually catching up as a marketing and advertising strategy. Businesses are jumping into these methods in large numbers, so it is better to start now than lose this chance later. However, the services that we at Outabox provide can instantly distinguish your company from the rest of the crowd. Your digital wall painting advertising will garner in more profit and eventually make your company rise with success.

The digital wall painting process isn’t a simple and easy task, it takes manpower and tremendous skill. Even then we at Outabox keep our digital wall painting rates as affordable and economical as possible. Depending on the customization of the painting the rate will be adjusted accordingly.

But our services won’t degrade with different projects or prices, we stick to our core values. We deliver digital painting wall hd regardless of the size or style of the project, all of our clients get the same level of attention and respect. We understand the value of your business and never compromise on our delivery, you can be rest assured that your advertisement will get the publicity it deserves.

People usually flock to urban areas to grab better opportunities and indulge in a better lifestyle. Rural areas are not given the same level of attention as that of urban.But if you take a closer look more and more rural areas are slowly becoming more popular with their cultural diversity and market trends.

Rural advertising is one market that might not seem advantageous, but on the contrary, any type of advertising in rural areas can greatly impact the long run.

Rural advertising service in another field where we at Outabox excel in. Targeting the right products and services in the proper places is what makes us experts in advertising in rural market.

Rural areas consist of better platforms to display ads and make them accessible to a larger crowd. Due to lower levels of pollutants, these ads will also last longer for a lasting impression of the company. This can be seen in some of our already existing rural advertising examples.

Reach out to us where we provide better services than any rural advertising agency for those amazing looking ads.

Outabox not only handles regular wall paintings but even the more modern digital wall media. These types of paintings look almost like an ad straight from the TV printed on to the wall.The realism that we bring to these digital wall painting media can mesmerize any soul nearby.

Do you want your ads to be displayed on a variety of different materials like wood, metal, etc, Then worry not because our digital wall painting media uses equipment and materials that can adhere to any type of material will a sharp quality.

Digital wall painting media manufacturers need to possess the right skill and the right people to execute these accurate and precise tasks, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Your work as a client can be hard on deciding which agency to go with, but Outabox can assure you a selection worth your investment.

We at Outabox keep the client’s needs and requirements as a high priority and work around it. The numerous prestigious clients that have worked with us have never had a disappointing experience.

Our clientele includes Hindustan Unilever Limited, ITC, Himalaya, Patanjali, Jyothy laboratories, Vicco Laboratory, Fena, Reliance JIO Airtel, Vodafone etc.
Our expertise in outdoor advertising is sharped and honed after years of experience in the field, our team of professionals knows the ins and out of a perfect outdoor advertisement.

So, are you looking for your advertisement to reach millions, then give us a ring. We are always here to help.