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Wall Painting

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  • Most economical and efficient
  • Wall Painting is one of the most economical sources of media when it is planned and executed properly. Outabox helps their clients plan this medium of advertising and executes it at ease giving desired results to their customers.

  • Reaching media dark places
  • Not all sources of media can reach remote villages and areas which are media dark. The only advertisement that helps in these areas is Wall-painting. We make sure that our clients reach their target market even in the deepest and darkest corner of Bharat.

  • Mass marketing techniques
  • When a wall is painted in a village, town, districts or highway, the planned strategic location of the wall helps to reach the wide audience. By this means the products get broadcasted to largest number of people possible. By reaching the largest audience the exposure of the product get maximized which directly helps to boost up the sales.

Dealer Branding

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  • Dealer boards
  • Dealer boards are type of advertisements which are generally on the top of the dealer's shop. This creates a benchmark and. also a product availability recognition and endorsement . These boards can be put-up at a number of locations within a calculated distance giving more mileage to the brands and indicating its availability. Dealer’s availability in remote areas helps to tap new audience leading to growth,development and progress in business.

  • Highlights the availability of the product
  • A dealers product highlighting practice by means of dealer boards, shutter painting & wall painting tools helps to identify a brand with a store, a concept known as the store brand. These highlighted dealers have more control over the availability of products; pricing and are able to advantageously display brands for maximum impact. This helps to create a special point of purchase by advertising giving its brand predominant shelf space in order to boost sales.

  • Covers target area efficiently
  • Dealer branding technique helps to put forth own ideas on marketing plan like displaying the product, special offers. It creates personalised image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty, higher control on production, marketing, distribution and profits. These points provide an edge over the other brands. This helps to create a personalised and unique brand image on the back of the mind which further builds value and recognition from the customers and it also provide consumers with an alternative to other brands.


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  • Wide reach
  • Hoarding is strategically located on roads & highways with high connectivity. Also they are wide in size with 24*7 visible to the masses the reach it has is much more intense than other mediums of media. As its Colorful and creative in nature it catches maximum eye-balls creating more impact among the masses. The limitless possibilities for the design of your company's hoarding can create massive impact in the minds of the target market.

  • Quick Communication
  • The continuous exposure of a hoarding to the masses helps to pass messages faster across the audience which helps in faster recall value among targeted segment.

  • Memorable Impact
  • Hoardings reaches out to thousands of people on a daily basis this directly increases brand awareness, strong name recognition with the creative outlook and coloured wide backgrounds it drives the target towards it. Hence the impact it has on the mind of target last for long.

Print Media

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  • Most Customisable media
  • Print Media is for a niche market who neither / hardly have access to internet or who don’t wish to participate in social sites or who wish to participate in all kind of media to be well groomed / aware. So the customization can be done on a very personal level understanding the needs and wants of the clients and consumers.

  • Attracts intended Target Market
  • As it is a tool to target niche market the focus is fixed and serves the intended target market which in turn helps generate sales. It helps you reach all type of audience from those well acquainted to less acquaint from this new socially aware world. Print media in recent times is position as a corporate, brand awareness or back-up media to other forms of advertising tools.

  • Helps you promote various Products and Services
  • Products that needs to reach the audiences who aren’t acquainted with internet and other sources of media due to any sort of in-efficiency or in-capability. Print media can help to target the untapped crowd. It can also further help you target commuters, visitors & travelers on the go.

Social Media Marketing

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  • Digital Medium is Astronomical
  • The new social media is vast, free and low costs option of internet marketing and advertising has made it a more attractive option for many business owners who are working hard to cut costs without sacrificing their outreach efforts through social networks. Through social media, you can learn about customers personalities and how it relates to your business. Consumer love using social media as a source to vent.

  • Repeat Exposure
  • The exposure by successfully creating your fan club on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Getting your brand name all over these types of social media networks can help people know more about your business your brand. Here with it’s your chance to use this new-found information to tweak your business to please your consumers.

  • Attracts younger audience
  • Today’s young audiences like to express their opinion or participate in the social events for development. To attract young audience you can create loyalty and trust by encouraging people to review your products and services on your accounts. Let them fill out survey or open-up about their opinions, show that you consider every detail in your business.

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